Does an Electric Car Requires Roadside Assistance?

Electric cars are one of the major innovations of the 21st century. They have been the number 1 option for many people because it has a lot of benefits like reduced emissions and low maintenance cost. However, electric cars can’t still get away with vehicle issues. Similar to conventional cars, these types of vehicles are also susceptible to common wear and tear. Also, this could mean that these vehicles might breakdown halfway the road. If ever your electric car fails you, you can surely ask for roadside assistance. The following are some of the reasons why your car immediately breaks down: 

Low battery 

Electric cars are run by chargeable batteries. Rather than pouring a lot of gas into your car, you can simply charge your automobile. However, this does not indicate that the vehicle won’t hassle you with a low charge. Similar to old car types where you lack gas, electric vehicles could also encounter battery issues.  

Break problems 

All types of automobiles share a similar flaw and that is their problems with breaks. Though electric cars utilize a regenerative braking system that delays wear and tear, their breaks are still prone to become damaged which could result in a breakdown.  


This is probably the most typical issue that all vehicle owners encounter. Your tires are susceptible to massive wear and tear because they are subjected to damaging objects that are on the road. It could be broken glass, rocks, and much more. The tires of your vehicle could be dented by anything.  

Dead battery 

The electric battery that runs the electric car’s engine is long-lasting. Their battery utilizes lithium-ion battery technology. However, even if it’s designed to last long, it’s still susceptible to degradation. The batteries of electric vehicles should be updated from time to time. The issue of a dead battery could take place at any time and place. Hence, it might occur while you’re driving down the road hoping to arrive in the next town for a getaway only to figure out that your vehicle does not work. There’s a greater chance that the circumstance has occurred due to a dead battery. In cases like this, it is better to contact a local towing company to have your car towed efficiently and safely.  


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