Why You Should Visit Hamilton

Hamilton is the 3rd biggest city in Ontario. This city has a lot of cultural heritage. Nearly ¼ of the people residing in Hamilton were born outside of Canada. Here are several great places for you to experience and discover in Hamilton if you want to migrate to Canada or simply visit Ontario. 

African Lion Safari 

When you visit the African Lion Safari in Canada, you can hear the mighty roar of the lions. The African Lion Safari is located in Hamilton. You can witness amazing wildlife in this area such as rhinos, white lions, bison, giraffes, elephants, and around 1000 exotic birds. 

The rates for the safari bus tour runs around $4.95 for kids between 3 up to 12 years old and $5.25 for adults. In addition to that, you can make use of the excellent hotel packages available.  

Wild Waterworks 

You can spend your entire day splashing around in the pool at the biggest outdoor water pools in Canada. Every minute, 5 million liters of heated water splashes down the pools. Do you love slides? Corkscrew and Kamikaze are 2 of the most popular slides at the park that ensures heat pounding turns and twists. On the other hand, if you simply want to relax, you can visit the Eazy River.  

Royal Botanical Gardens 

You will be spoiled for option on beautiful sceneries to explore and activities to partake in as Canada’s biggest botanical garden. This garden is considered a National Historic Site. The goal of the Royal Botanical Gardens is to educate the kids and the public about the significance of nature and plants.  

Art Gallery Hamilton 

You will not want to miss the glorious selection of over 10,000 art piece in the Art Gallery of Hamilton. It is situated in Downtown Hamilton. The main attractions that leave you in a sense of astonishment are the magnificent 752 square meter glass pavilion and the sculpture atrium. In addition to that, you can take advantage of free admission to Gallery Level 1 on the first Friday of every month. The free admission is only available from 4pm up to 8pm. 

Hamilton Farmers Market 

All you’ve got to do is follow your nose if you do not know where to look for the Hamilton Farmers Market. The amazing fragrances of fresh local produce, handmade ice cream, and freshly prepared pasta are sure to lead you directly to the source.  

The oldest tourist attraction in Hamilton is the Hamilton Farmers Market. There are around 70 vendors that offer you a variety of artisan shops and culinary experiences.  

Do not leave the place without having some local wine, raw honey, and pure Canadian maple syrup with you.  

Ice Climbing 

Looking for some thrill? Don’t worry, we got you. The frozen escarpment of Niagara provides an excellent challenge for rock climbers looking to try something unique and new. The Conservation Authority of Hamilton lets experienced climbers make their way up the frozen Tiffany Falls. So, if you are searching for a new hobby, try Ice Climbing Hamilton.